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Blue Watch is a home safety scheme, set up by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), through CFOA Blue Watch Ltd and is supported by UK fire and rescue services (FRS). Blue Watch aims to help landlords, letting agents, tenants and homeowners make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide. The Blue Watch symbol is the sign of a safer property - it says that safety measures are installed and working within the property.

Landlords can register and self-assess their property by completing a checklist on Blue Watch’s website, stating what safety measures they have in place. Advice on what other precautions can be taken to make homes safer is also available. This includes fitting safety equipment such as a smoke alarm or CO alarm. The landlord or letting agent can also request an inspection visit to ensure that responsibilities for keeping tenants and properties safe are being met.

Blue Watch exists to make homes and properties in the UK safer. Around 15,000 people in the UK are affected by fires and CO poisoning every year, of which, sadly, over 300 people die. This could be prevented by taking a few simple steps. As well as helping homeowners and landlords to fit Blue Watch approved safety products correctly in their homes, we will work closely with CFOA and the UK’s fire and rescue services to raise awareness of the dangers and risks of fire and CO poisoning.

Paul Fuller, CFOA President, said: “As a serving fire chief, I am proud of the work fire and rescue services across the UK have done to drive down death and injury, but more can always be done. Too many lives are still lost and injuries caused, which is why we have set up Blue Watch. Using our experience, knowledge and professionalism we will help landlords make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide. It’s all about providing the best possible advice and support, as well as top quality safety products."

CFOA Blue Watch Ltd, Company Number 07256848, is a wholly owned trading company of the Chief Fire Officers' Association, Registered Charity No: 1074071. Any profit generated by Blue Watch will go towards funding CFOA's charitable activity.  CFOA supports fire and rescue services across the UK in protecting local communities and making life safer through improved service delivery.

  • Blue Watch is a home safety scheme created by fire chiefs and supported by UK fire and rescue services
  • The Blue Watch mission is to make all properties safer, particularly domestic properties that generate income such as rented living accommodation  or homes where children are looked after in return for payment
  • Blue Watch takes a holistic view of the safety of those individuals who live in or are cared for in other people’s properties with specific focus on the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Blue Watch provides an audit trail of the safety precautions taken within a property for landlords, letting agents, and other responsible persons in the event of a serious incident or accident that results in legal action
  • Blue Watch recognises that variable local requirements apply in some areas and that complex fire safety rules exist around HMOs  Blue Watch offers a number of different solutions to help landlords meet whichever standards apply to their properties
  • The Blue Watch standard is to help ensure that at least a minimum level of fire and CO protection is in place in as many properties as possible



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