The Blue Watch Charter

Blue Watch is a home safety scheme designed to make all properties safer, but with a particular emphasis on rental properties across the UK, which are viewed as higher risk accommodation. The Scheme has been set up by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), and is supported by the UK’s fire and rescue services. It is this unique relationship which provides letting agents and landlords with the reassurance they need to help protect themselves as ‘responsible persons’ in terms of tenant safety.

Signing up to the Blue Watch Charter demonstrates the professionalism of the letting agent in relation to safety duties.

The Blue Watch Charter is a free scheme which commits a letting agent to:

  • Adopt the Blue Watch Safety Policy
  • Use approved high quality safety products, such as those provided by Blue Watch
  • Work with Blue Watch to provide independent audit of safety precautions and approach
  • Support the dissemination of Blue Watch information to landlords and tenants

The Blue Watch Charter will help provide letting agents with an audit trail in the event of a serious incident or accident in a rented property which results in legal action. Recent prosecutions highlight the need for letting agents to secure greater protection. Blue Watch provides a clear, easy to manage solution.


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