Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment helps you identify all the fire hazards and risks in your premises.  A Blue Watch assessment also helps you consider the risks associated with carbon monoxide.  You can then decide whether any risks identified are acceptable or whether you need to take action to reduce or manage them.   

Blue Watch offers a range of assessments depending on how the law applies to your type of property and its use.  By answering a few simple questions you can identify which type of assessment best meets your needs.   

Blue Watch can support you with a range of services and products designed to reduce the risks of fire and carbon monoxide in your properties.

The Blue Watch scheme is simple and straightforward:

  • You are encouraged and supported to make a safety declaration for each of your properties
  • You can shop for the products required to make your properties safer
  • You can achieve Blue Watch recognition for your properties

Single occupancy house/ bungalow or flat accounts for 88%of all dwelling fire deaths and casualties.


  • Landlord Responsibilities

    Landlord Responsibilities

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  • Maintain a Safer Property

    Maintain a Safer Property

    255 people died in their homes because of fire between April 2012 and March 2013. By taking some simple steps, landlords can help make properties safer. Minimising the risks from fire and carbon monoxide in your properties is an on-going read more

  • Fire Safety Equipment

    Fire Safety Equipment

    Find the right safety equipment for your properties and the advice and support you need to help make your properties safer. read more

  • Get Your Property Registered

    Get Your Property Registered

    Blue Watch offers landlords a two-tier service designed to make properties safer. By making your properties safer, you make them more marketable as tenants will increasingly search for and demand to see the Blue Watch sign before committing to a read more

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