Use candles safely

Candles are becoming more and more popular. Sales have recently doubled as candles are increasingly used to create a special or relaxing atmosphere in our homes. Following the straight forward Blue Watch advice can reduce the risk to you and your family and friends. Fires started by candles caused 401 injuries and 6 deaths during 2012 - 2013.

6 Blue Watch tips to keep candles safe

Use a proper candleholder

Candles, especially night-lights and tea lights, can get very hot and are prone to toppling over. Always place a candle on a fire resistant surface in a proper candleholder that is stable and will not fall over.

    Keep candles clear of curtains and out of draughts

    Even a gentle draught caused by you walking past a candle can affect the flame. Make sure candles are placed away from curtains and other fabrics such as tablecloths.

    Keep the space above a candle clear

    Heat rises and a candle placed under a shelf or on a unit will burn the surface above it, which could result in a fire.

    Keep children and pets away from candles

    Candles should, without fail, be positioned out of the reach of children. Equally, if you have a pet make sure they cannot knock a candle over by placing it away from their usual living areas.

    Never move a burning candle

    Always extinguish a burning candle before moving it but never blow out a lit candle. Use a proper candle extinguisher or a spoon. Blowing a flame can cause sparks and hot wax to fly, which may ignite another surface.

    Never leave a candle unattended

    An unattended flame is extremely dangerous. Never leave a room where candles are lit and never go to bed leaving them burning.

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