Safer appliances and electrics

Electricity and electrical appliances are often overlooked as a fire hazard. This is because there is no actual flame. However, electrical fires account for almost a quarter of accidental house fires - over 8,700 a year. The Blue Watch info below explains how to minimise the risks of an electrical fire.

Look for the BEAB Mark of Safety

When you buy new electrical equipment look out for the BEAB Mark of Safety. BEAB is short for British Electrotechnical Approvals Board, and they test and approve electrical equipment.

Never overload sockets

Use one plug in each socket. If you have to, use a fused adapter and keep the total output to no more than 13 amps (a kettle alone uses 13 amps). Remember, high-rated appliances such as washing machines always need their own socket.

For more information, visit the Electrical Safety Council website.

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