Make Your Home Safer

  • Fire Risk Assessment

    Fire Risk Assessment

    A fire risk assessment helps you identify all the fire hazards and risks in your premises. A Blue Watch assessment also helps you consider the risks associated with carbon monoxide. You can then decide whether any risks identified are read more

  • Kitchen Safety

    Kitchen Safety

    Over 50% of fires in the home start in the kitchen. Taking a few simple measures can make all the difference. 10 Blue Watch tips to a safer kitchen Keep electrical leads, tea towels, cloths, loose clothing and anything else that may catch read more

  • Smoking at Home

    Smoking at Home

    Fires caused by smoking materials (including cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars and pipe tobacco) result in more deaths than any other type of fire. For every 1,000 accidental dwelling fires caused by smokers’ materials, 35 people were killed in read more

  • Heaters and Fires

    Heaters and Fires

    Heaters and fires can come in several different varieties and forms. From industrial, high-powered gas heaters to smaller electric fan blowers. Whatever type of heater you have, following the Blue Watch advice will help you remain safer. read more

  • Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible, odourless and has no taste. It is, therefore, extremely difficult to detect without a fully maintained, working audible CO alarm. Just like a smoke alarm, which alerts you to the presence of smoke, a CO alarm read more

  • Candle Care

    Candle Care

    Candles are becoming more and more popular. Sales have recently doubled as candles are increasingly used to create a special or relaxing atmosphere in our homes. Following the straight forward Blue Watch advice can reduce the risk to you and your read more

  • Appliances and Electrics

    Appliances and Electrics

    Electricity and electrical appliances are often overlooked as a fire hazard. This is because there is no actual flame. However, electrical fires account for almost a quarter of accidental house fires - over 8,700 a year. The Blue Watch info below read more

  • Smoke Alarm

    Smoke Alarm

    Between April 2012 and March 2013 no smoke alarm was present in 12,800 (31%) of fires in the home. A smoke alarm was present but did not operate in a further 19%. Dwelling fires in which smoke alarms raise the alarm continue to: - be read more

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