Lancashire Landlord Fined £20,000

for neglecting tenant safety


You know that Blue Watch is serious about fire safety, but every now and then we can’t help but feel frustrated at the way some landlords are putting lives at risk. This is especially true when we know that keeping tenants safe is a very simple matter of just installing the right equipment and making the necessary checks.


Here is a news story about a Lancashire landlord who needed to make those professional checks on his properties. What is worse about this whole affair is that Eli Zohar knew about the issues, and had even been given warnings by fire safety officers about the danger he was placing tenants in. This is inexcusable, and could have led to a loss of life.


It is quite irrelevant, we feel, how many properties Mr Zohar owns, because one single incident could have led to disastrous consequences for the people in his care.


It is appropriate that he was fined so heavily. This is hopefully a wake-up call for those few landlords in the country who seem to think that fire safety, and the safety of tenants in general, is something that can effectively be brushed under the carpet.


All Mr Zohar had to do was focus on talking to fire safety professionals and seeking help from fire safety experts. This would have saved him tens of thousands of pounds.


Tony Crook’s comment is the most revealing, and shows how the burden of fire safety will always be with the private landlord:


‘We would hope that the outcome of this particular case sends a clear message that fire safety is a priority issue that should always be addressed before tenants or guests are accommodated.’


If you are a private landlord and wish to find out more about how you can help keep your tenants safe, get in touch with us today.


23 Jun 2017
11:55 am

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